Why and how to choose a massage chair?

The pace of life is increasing, and we are moving less. Accumulating fatigue accumulated stress, more difficult to relax and unwind. The result of years of work of physicians and designers is to develop an exclusive massage system, which is implemented in the massage chairs of the modern generation.

Massage chairs - a professional massage at any convenient time. Daily massage for 20 minutes will restore mental and physical forces, will cause a feeling of cheerfulness and optimism.


Who needs a massage chair?

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Heads of the companies.

Due to the high intensity of work executives are constantly experiencing chronic fatigue, reduced performance and pain interferes with focus on dealing with important issues ...

With the help of massage chairs, many of them have already decided his health problems - dvattsatiminutny massage chair completely remove the voltage from the most tired zones of the body, helps to relax, relieve stress, and most importantly, all this without leaving the office! For business people who regularly pressed for time, this property is just invaluable.

You run a company, and a massage chair carefully controls your health and well-being in the office or at home, helping to restore mental and physical strength after a hard day's work.

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Company staff.

Wise leaders always think about its employees, knowing that their productivity depends on the company's future. But if the manager can work well, if he was tired, and the constant muscle tension at a fixed sedentary work has led to a headache?

Many firms, establishing chairs in the staff rest rooms, prefer to advance the health care of their employees, not pay sick afterwards. It is very important that the massage chair in its technical characteristics can work all day practically without interruption.

People who care about their health.

Health - the main value for the person. But in the course of life show a variety of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, respiratory and cardiovascular systems, muscular and headaches. Doctors advise people with various diseases daily massages. Massage chairs help to return that destroys time - health. Complete care for the health of every individual gives massage chair special role in the design of any space. As a prestigious element of the interior, they combine quality and convenience for all family members. Exclusive models of modern colors perfectly complement the interiors of luxury housing.


Massage armchairs help sportsmen to be recharged by vivacity in the gym, or to remove stress from tired muscles during a workout.

Infrastructure (concerns, casinos, hotels, restaurants).

Massage chairs are used as an additional service for VIP-clients in companies, prestige depends on convenience and breadth of services, furnishings and original interior (for example, the company "Rosneft", "Gazprom", "Lukoil", Casino "Shangrila", " Arbat "," Imperial "hotel" Golden ring ", insurance company" SOGAZ "," SSC ").

Commercial companies rendering medical services (medical centers, sanatoriums and rest homes, beauty salons, fitness clubs).

Commercial companies, health care providers use the massage chairs for commercial purposes for a wide range of visitors, because the performance of seats is a great resource and they can work all day practically without interruption. (Eg., A prestigious boarding houses and holiday homes "Watercolors", "Volen", "Solontsova" sanatorium "Moscow", "Dzerzhinsky FSB of Russia" (Sochi)).

In many cases, a massage chair is purchased as an assistant to the masseur. And in some - it is replaced with success, in addition, experience shows that contain state masseur much more expensive, because the return on the chair is only 2-4 months, and then the company receives a net profit from its use. For customers the advantages of the chair in front of a hand massage is also evident - it is ready for use at any time without an appointment, simple operation seat allows the customer to choose the mode and the massage time the price of massage chair is much smaller, and efficiency, in the opinion of professional masseurs, much above (20 minutes = 1 hour chair manual massage).

Private massage chair is the "massage therapist", who will work always 100%, at a time convenient for you. The massage chair is also a comfortable chair and pertinent in the house and in the office.

If you have already built a house, he planted a tree and raised a son, then you ought to think about the rest. As you know, the best holiday - it's a dream! But sometimes, you're from a strong tension can not bring myself to sleep. We introduce a new concept of leisure - rest with massage chairs! It will help to escape from everyday worries, relax, rejuvenate, immersing you in a world of pleasure. This chair you could confess his love, to abuse it, which does not allow you a regular massage therapist, and he will continue to reliably perform their work skilfully - be fun and take care of the health of its host!

Massage chairs - Give yourself a treat!